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The brief for these three days intensive elective was to fabricate a parametric model in a group of 3 using the process of modular aggregation. The students for the first time worked with rhino3d and grasshopper3d on day 1 to develop their base designs. On day 2, they played with different modular options that can fit their design with 250-350 modules and that looked appropriate for their design.

Each group then lasercut the 250-350 pieces on day 3 and assembled the model. The modules that were symmetrical were easier to assemble than unsymmetrical modules. Each model took somewhere between 3-6 hours to assemble. The students used plugins like FOX - Aggregation, OPEN NEST - Labelling & Arranging to bring their design form to life. The final models were roughly about 1M x 0.5M (height varied depending on the design).

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