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The term parametric design has been in the field of architecture for more than 60years but recently during the last couple of decades it has come in limelight and people are thriving to pursue it every day. But do we actually know what Parametric Design is and who started it? Or how do we become a parametric thinker/designer with advanced computational tools?

The workshop on Parametric Design answers these questions by learning and adapting the parametric way of designing. In these sessions, participants will learn how to approach designs para metrically, using a combination of geometric and mathematical tools inside of David Rutten’s Grasshopper 3D, that will bring their design ideas to life. Each day will be focused on a specific topic like -

1. Creating Virtual Magnets - Creating attractor objects to manipulate the design and make kinetic facades.
2. Manipulating Images - Make designs and facades by transforming images.
3. Working with Graphs - Creating smooth undulating surfaces using Parametric Graphs.
4. Decoding Pavilions & Non-Planar Surfaces - Developing experimental forms used in pavilions and temporary structures.

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