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Participants can choose to register for one or more workshops. Price mentioned below is per workshop. 
Duration :
5 hours + 40 min Q&A per workshop 
Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm IST (GMT +5:30)
Language : English
Workshops & Dates:
  1. Creating Virtual Magnets - 23rd & 24th Oct'21
  2. Designing with Images - 30th & 31st Oct'21
  3. Parametric Graphs - 06th & 07th Nov'21
  4. Decoding Pavilions - 13th & 14th Nov' 21



The term parametric design has been in the field of architecture for more than 60 years but recently during the last couple of decades it has come in limelight and people are thriving to pursue it every day. But do we actually know what Parametric Design is and who started it? Or how do we become a parametric thinker/designer with advanced computational tools?

The workshop on Digital Parametric Systems answers these questions by learning and adapting the parametric way of designing. In these sessions, participants will learn how to approach designs parametrically, using a combination of geometric and mathematical tools inside of David Rutten’s Grasshopper 3D, that will bring their design ideas to life.

By the end of the course, participants will have learned the principles and practices of Parametric Design by employing computational design tools. Inclined participants will gain insights into postgraduate level studies in Computational / Parametric / Advanced Architecture.


The workshop will mainly focus on using grasshopper3d along with it's plugins mentioned below. Only for Designing with Images workshop you will need Weaverbird plugin installed. 

4 online workshops spread over four weekends exploring foundational and beginner skills in Grasshopper3D. 

Workshop duration: 5 hours (Two & half hours each on Saturday and Sunday) + 20 min Q&A
Participants can choose to register for one or more workshops. 

Day 1 (Saturday):
Session 1 (30 min) - Introduction to Grasshopper3D and its applications. 
Session 2 (120 min) - Introduction to workshop topic, generating scripts, components and data structures relevant to the topic. 

Day 2 (Sunday):
Session 1 (150 min) - Application of workshop topic in 2-3 architectural examples, illustrated in the above images. 
Session 2 (20 min) - Q&A

1. Participation certificate will be issued. 
2. No previous knowledge of Grasshopper 3D is needed.  
3. Software: Please download the evaluation version of Rhino7 (Grasshopper is included) from here -
4. All participants will receive the Grasshopper file created by the instructor in the workshop.
5. Screen recording of the online session is prohibited and will be considered copyright infringement.
6. Zoom link and further details will be shared 2-3 before each workshop starts. 

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