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The elective was a response to an assignment - Planarizing Pavilions. The students had to design a Pavilion in a group of three and fabricate it. As most of the parametrically designed objects stay in the digital realm, the main task was to get the design out, in reality, using Grasshopper3D and laser cutting.

The students used plugins like KANGAROO - Planarization, LUNCHBOX - Tessellation, and lastly OPEN NEST - to get the 2d file for fabrication. Each model is roughly about 50cm x 30cm x 20cm. The cost of each model was about Rs. 450 or 6.15 USD, if the same models were to be 3d printed it would have cost around Rs. 4000 or 54.5 USD. Huge savings by doing the process of planarization and opting for laser cutting.

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