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CARACAS - Urban Fabrics
The second part of the Urbanization was to develop different Urban Fabrics around the world, for this elective I worked with my IaaC Colleague Rafael Santacreu and we chose the city of Caracas. 

After analyzing the cities layout, a total of 16 different urban fabrics were found which depended upon the compactness of the layout, the height of buildings, how the layout was developed whether it was organic or imposed and whether the layout was done seeing the site conditions or not. After plotting all the 16 urban fabrics, the highest was the slum area with a population of 686,037 and an area of 85sqm. Slums have an urban fabric of CSSOL (Compact, Site-Specific, Organic and Low Rise).  

Once the urban fabrics were found, the layout of Caracas was color-coded accordingly, to see this new layer of topology in the cities map. 

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